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When you use Intelix tool, your team can benefit from the knowledge and experience of our specialists. Our services can impact your marketing strategy and help you improve your business growth.

Bespoke Competitive Analysis

With access to thousands of emails across multiple brands our competitive analysis can bring light to aspects you’ve not been aware of before.

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Customer Experience Review

In a competitive and saturated market every brand is trying to stand out and win over customers. Review how your customers see your brand.

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Best Practice Report

Our industry experts can review your current approach to email marketing and compare it with best practices observed in your industry and in digital marketing.

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Bespoke Competitive Analysis

Every aspect of your marketing matters – including email frequency and recency, positioning of your products, content, personalisation and design. Knowing where you stand against your competition will help you make the right decision.

Analyse your competitive landspace

We will review brands that operate in your space to provide you with an overview of your competitors - even those that you may have not been aware of.

Compare current lifecycle campaigns

We perform various activities on your and selected competitors' websites and then compare and summarise results.

Review and benchmark your brand against your competitors

By reviewing multiple factors, metrics and statistics we provide a comprehensive benchmark report for further analysis.

Marketing SWOT analysis

Identify and review your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats discovered during the analysis.

Customer Experience Review

With multiple ‘lights out’ and heavily personalised life cycle programs in place it is hard to see how true customer experience looks like from the end user perspective. Our specialists can analyse marketing communication received by your customers and provide meaningful insights.

Automated lifecycle campaign report

Acting as a customer of yours we perform various activities on your website - to get your automated lifecycle campaigns. Once this is completed, we summarise results and provide a report.

Persona based CX analysis

After identifying specific personas, we review what their experience is when interacting with your brand, how it differs between cohorts.

Content, frequency and relevance report

Our specialists will analyse the content you are sending to your customers. This includes aspects such as text content quality, CTA, design, relevancy, frequency and more.

Suggestions and possible enhancements

After reviewing all the different aspects we provide a report with suggestions and possible enhancements of your marketing.

Best Practice Report

Intelix can provide an in-depth report on alignment of your digital marketing against your industry. Think of it as your email marketing MOT.

Email marketing practice review

We will compare your current email marketing with best practice and with industry standards.

Creative and content MOT

We will look at your recent email campaigns and analyse your creative and content. This includes aspect such as mobile optimisation, eye tracking, subject lines quality or copywriting.

Comparison against the industry

Our specialists will compare our findings against your industry and key competitors - to identify similarities and differences.

Technology alignment status

As part of the research we will also compare MarTech tools used by you and what the most popular tools are used by the industry.

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Reports that can inform decisions

Throughout the delivery of work the team will keep you up to date with the progress of your research. Once the report is completed, we will review findings with you section by section.

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