Intelix. Marketing Intelligence

About Us

Many marketers are struggling to stay ahead of the game. There are so many things to do and not enough time during the day. While most of the effort is invested in day to day marketing execution and enhancement, competitive research is quite often pushed back or even ignored. And for many of us it’s not easy to stay on top of what other brands are doing.

The impact of not reviewing competition activities can potentially have a major detrimental effect on your own brand.

This is why Intelix was born.

We wanted to provide a tool for marketers to ease the process of competitive analysis and review. Instead of manually subscribing to many newsletters and clogging up your own inbox, you can leave this to Intelix. If you started to interact with a specific brand (changed your role, got a new portfolio etc), the chances are that we already have historical information about it. Imagine how much more you can do with such information available to you from day one.

With a user friendly interface you get access to insights and statistics based on thousands of emails sent by top brands from across the globe.

Our Mission

We believe that information is the power and can give brands and marketers great advantage. We provide valuable information so that you can spend more time on your strategy and improving your ROI.

Our mission is to provide intelligence tools that can help you make better decisions faster.
Compare. Analyse. Adapt.