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Brand and industry trends

For every brand and industry Intelix is aggregating data into a large number of metrics that include:

  • most popular day of week
  • most popular time of day
  • average (and max) number of emails sent to a single recipient per day, week or month
  • shortest, longest and average length of subject lines

Message level analysis

Each message is reviewed and analysed by our core engine to identify a set of metrics such as:

  • emojis used in the subject line and the content
  • mobile optimisation of the design
  • usage of animated content in the email
  • personalisation of the subject line and the content

Compare brands and industries

Each brand can be reviewed against their associated industry. Intelix gives access to all the metrics calculated for each brand and aggregates them for industries and verticals.

Historical Information

Review how marketing message was changing over time by accessing historical email messages and brand information. This helps to identify:

  • design and template changes
  • changes in email provider engines over time
  • utilisation of marketing tools

Email providers and delivery

Access information about current and previous email providers used by brands. This information can help to choose the best provider for your brand or identify sales and change cycles within a brand organisation.

Technology and Marketing Tools

Intelix identifies and extracts information about 3rd party tools used by brands to enhance their marketing. Identify most popular tools used by brands - from content distribution networks to personalisation tools.

Message Content Tags

Each message can be associated with multiple tags that can describe the content or nature of the message itself. It includes tags such as:

  • seasonal (i.e. Valentines Day)
  • behavioural (i.e. Abandon Browse email)
  • promotional (i.e. Free Shipping or Flash Sale)

Those tags can be used to analyse frequency of specific types of message sent by a brand and compared against the industry.

Bookmark messages

Identify your favourite or most interesting messages and add them to your bookmarks for further review and analysis

Preview and Raw HTML content

Review email layout and access raw HTML content to find out how brands are designing and coding their emails. This can help to enhance your email template or develop new skills in your design team.

More information about selected features

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Access key metrics for any brand and industry

Access to some key metrics on a message, sender and industry level:
- most popular time of send
- most popular day of send
- email frequency (daily, every other day, weekly, monthly etc)
- content and mobile optimisation
- personalisation in subject lines and body of the email

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